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The Wedding

Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) wake up on their wedding day only to find their wedding organizers, Pepper (Nathan Lane) and Ronaldo (Christian Barillas) giving them their "full packages" by bringing them breakfast in bed. Mitch talks to Claire (Julie Bowen), who informs him that their mother will not be attending the wedding because of a hip injury she sustained during a yoga retreat.
Later on, while getting ready, Cam finds out that the dry-cleaners gave him the wrongtuxedo and tells Mitch that they need to go to the dry-cleaners to pick up a new one. When they get there, the dry-cleaners is closed and Cameron starts panicking especially after Pepper calls to say that there is a wildfirenear the wedding's venue and the wedding will be moved four hours earlier. Mitchell quickly finds a solution that includes Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) going into the dry-cleaners through an express box. Lily soon gets in trouble and the owner of the dry-cleaners, Jerry (Michael Benyaer), arrives because the shop's alarm was triggered. Jerry opens the store and hands Cameron the appropriate tuxedo while Mitchell manages to rescue Lily. Mitch and Cam arrive at the wedding on time, but the wedding is stopped by firefighters who inform everyone that they have to evacuate the venue immediately.
Meanwhile, Claire and Phil (Ty Burrell) decide to get to know the kids better by having Claire picking up Luke (Nolan Gould) and having Alex (Ariel Winter) drive her dad to the eye doctor and then to the mall to get the wedding present. Claire discovers that she has been distant with Luke and does not know what is going on with him so she decides to take him boating, but they soon get stuck in the middle of the lake.
Alex and Phil arrive at the mall after Phil's appointment with the eye doctor, which temporarily reduces his sight, leaving him barely able to see. Despite needing to get the wedding present, Phil is constantly distracted by items in other shops and wants to have fun. When they finally get to the shop that sells the wedding present, the line is already too long and Phil decides to pretend to be blind so he can get the present faster. When he gets to the front of the line, the salesman confronts Phil, accuses him of faking being blind, and pretends to give Phil the present Claire had ordered - instead giving him the same item in the wrong color. Alex gets in the way, telling the salesman her father lost his sight defending America and suffers from a rare condition that affects his sight. The salesman apologizes and hands Phil the right present.
Cameron's parents, Merle (Barry Corbin) and Barb (Celia Weston), stay at Jay's (Ed O'Neill) house for the wedding and have really quiet 'arguments' from time to time. Barb soon starts to talk to Gloria (Sofia Vergara) about it and Gloria encourages her to take action to fix their relationship by telling Merle what bothers her. At the same time, Merle and Jay go for a day spa to relax before the wedding and Merle talks to Jay about the same thing. Just as Gloria did with Barb, Jay advises Merl to fix the relationship. After Merle and Jay meet with Gloria and Barb at the wedding, Barb and Merle have another argument and decide to end their marriage.
Andy (Adam DeVine) has to catch a flight to Utah to meet his girlfriend, but he is panicking because his taxi for the airport has not arrived and he needs someone to drive him. Gloria asks Haley (Sarah Hyland) to help and, despite saying that she does not want to do it, she agrees. On their way to the airport, Andy receives a text from the airline company that informs him that the flight is delayed for three hours. Having nothing to do, Andy and Haley go out for a coffee where Haley tells him that while reading the airline company text message, she also saw a text from his girlfriend telling him to not go to Utah because their relationship is over. Andy says that Beth always does that but she does not mean it, and that everything will be fine once he gets there.

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