domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

By Eduardo M. Martinez Garcia

I was born in November 20th on the year of 1996 in the city of Puebla,Pue. My mom gave birth on the seguro social in Puebla. 

When I was 8 months old I started trying to walk. When I was 11 months old I started trying to talk. Then at the age of 2 I started kindergarten on a school called Ypsilanti. At the age of 4 my parents changed me to another school called Instituto Mexicano Madero that was almost on the downtown of the city, then at 5 I moved to the same school but in a different location, in Zavaleta, where I spent most of the time finishing elementary school and beginning the first year of junior high then when I was 13 I moved to this last school where I still am that well is Colegio Loyola I started the second year of junior high until today that I'm on 12th grade about to finish school.

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