sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

Teachers and Students

What would happen if they put the video before the class? You would finish in a good mood and inspired because of the way the video is trying to make you feel. It's incredible how we react when a small kid is telling us that we have to wake up and be transcendent in the history because the transcendent people they were just average people that did wake up and made things incredible.

Asking for food in NY

This video amazed me of how the poor people can be so humble but it amazed me even more the way the people react in a situation were someone is hungry and they don't even share a slice of pizza. It's incredible how sometimes we act with the ones that need it the most and we act like in some way stingy. Sometimes even the animals are more kind than humans. Nice video!

This is Water

The video was a reflection about the way you see life, that basically you can see it as a routine or you can follow that routine but from a different point of view that you can change the way you see life and not just as a pointless time you always spend. It makes you think about what you can do to enjoy all those little and big things you do each dayor at least that's my point of view.

Humble Family

The video about the humble family is a great video that makes you think what have you done to help the others. There are many ways yo help the ones that need help but doing it the correct way gives you the feeling that you've done something good and that's priceless.

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Union is Strength

The video about the union made me think when we are all together, joined to solve a problem we can do big things and impress ourselves. The video was excellent to think how we can work as a team.